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Hi! Welcome to my website. I love a good story and try to create ones that are memorable, entertaining, and sometimes educational. (What can I say? I’m a teacher.)

If you have or work with children and are looking for some good books for them, be sure to check out my blog. Every month, I choose a theme and recommend books and activities, crafts, and/or teaching suggestions that go with the theme. You can see a sample of my most recent blog posts at the end of this page. For a complete list of my themed book recommendations, go to the post library.

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Announcement: Due to needing to devote time to several creative projects on which I am working, I will not be adding new blog posts for the foreseeable future.

Most Recent Blog Posts

Revolutionary War Books for Children in Pre-K through Elementary

If you like underdogs, spies, life or death situations, and unlikely heroes, then the Revolutionary War is the historical topic for you. The United States of America’s birth as a nation was very exciting. The recommended books in this post give young readers a solid foundation upon which to build future knowledge about the Revolutionary…

The Best Picture Books about Pets and How to Care for Them

I have listed 15 fabulous fiction picture books that celebrate the fun of having a pet, comedize the struggle of children trying to get their parents to let them get a pet, and/or that point out the work that goes into caring for a pet. I also recommended three non-fiction picture book series that highlight…

15 Dance Picture Books

These fifteen dance picture books celebrate the joy of dancing, and I hope they inspire you and your young readers to get up and dance. At the end of the post are dance-themed coloring pages, crafts, and YouTube dance tutorials.