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How to Write a Synopsis

Hello everyone!

After months of perfecting the first book in my chapter book mystery series, I am finally ready to query it to agents and editors. The query letter is super important, so I took my time composing a good one. Once I finished that, I began looking for agents and editors who would be a natural match for my book. I thought I had finished the hardest part. I was wrong. Some agents’ and editors’ submission guidelines listed a synopsis as one of the things to include in the pitch package.

I had no idea how to write an outstanding book synopsis. So, I researched how to write one. Below are three articles which guided me in the creation of my own synopsis. I hope that you also find them helpful!

“6 Steps for Writing a Book Synopsis” by Marissa Meyer

“4 Ways to Write a Book Synopsis” by wikiHow and Megan Morgan, PhD

“Learn How to Write a Synopsis Like a Pro” by Courtney Carpenter

Happy writing!



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