A New Spin on Things

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, some writer friends and I watched an animated movie musical together.  The music was not original, and the plot and characters felt like they had been created to showcase the songs instead of the songs being used to move along the plot and character development.

The movie inspired us to do a just for fun writing prompt to kick off 2019.  Each of us wrote down the titles of five of our favorite songs.  We put the slips of paper into a container and then each picked out five songs.  We said that we would each write something that incorporated our five random songs in some way.

Your writing challenge for the next two weeks is to take five unrelated songs and work them into a piece of writing as seamlessly as possible.

Writing Prompt Guidelines:

  1. You can write whatever you want (a short story, a musical, a poem, etc.), but it must contain all five songs.
  2. You may incorporate the songs however you would like (song titles, lyrics, themes, etc.).

Ideas for How to Choose the Five Songs:

  1. Ask a friend or relative to name five songs.
  2. Turn on the radio and write down the first five songs that are played.
  3. Pick five of your favorite songs.

copyright symbol*Warning: Songs are copywrited, so do NOT publish the result of this prompt.  This prompt is just for fun and to get you thinking outside of the box.

Happy writing!