Creative Problem Solving

In my opinion, one of the best sources of humor when it comes to books, television shows, and movies is creative problem solving. For example, in the children’s cartoon Sofia the First, Sofia will occasionally run into an interpersonal problem. The easy, and obvious, solution would be to talk to one of her parents. She rarely does this. Instead, she tries what seems like a good idea at the time and usually makes the situation worse. It is not until her solution has failed that she turns to one of her parents for advice.

Your writing challenge is to create a protagonist and problem. Then come up with ten creative ways to solve it. Do NOT allow logic, wisdom, social conventions, or even laws of nature to hinder your creative solutions. Let them be wacky, impossible, illegal, inadvisable, anything you want, except boring.

After you have come up with ten creative solutions to the problem, choose your favorite one and write about what happens. If you’re willing, please share your protagonist, problem, and solutions in the comments section. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Below are my protagonist, problem, and ten creative solutions. Enjoy!

Protagonist: Turkey

Problem: The turkey does not want to become the main course at someone’s Thanksgiving dinner.


1. Hide


2. Steal the method(s) of execution.


 3. Run away.


4. Get elected president and outlaw the consumption of turkey.


5. Change the food associated with Thanksgiving.


6. Go to friends for help.


7. Become a famous athlete. (No one eats a superstar.)


8. Redirect their appetite.


9. Immigrate to a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Turkeys run as pilgrims arrive.

10. Let someone else take the fall.


Happy writing!