Burned Out!

Hello everyone!

With starting a new job, being in a play, and writing, one of my greatest fears has been that I will burn out.  I have been taking precautions (i.e. giving myself down time, creating a schedule for when to focus on each aspect of my life, etc.), but I am still afraid that the stress of balancing three big time commitments will get to me and that I’ll have to take a break from writing.

I found the article, “How to Overcome Writer’s Burnout,” by Kellie McGann to be helpful (http://thewritepractice.com/writers-burnout/?hvid=4pWuM1).  Her best piece of advice, which I intend to follow, was “Don’t Stop Writing.”  She also suggested that if a writer is under a lot of stress or is experiencing burnout, he/she should consider working on low stress writing projects that just allow the creative juices to flow.  This helps the writer to keep in the habit of writing regularly and helps the writer to fight his/her way through the burnout.

I hope “How to Overcome Writer’s Burnout” by Kellie Mcgann inspires other tired, stressed, or burned out writers to stick with it.  I know I will.

Happy writing!



Special thanks to Christopher Scott, an author, for leading me to Kellie McGann’s article, “How to Overcome Writer’s Burnout” (http://thewritepractice.com/writers-burnout/?hvid=4pWuM1).