Make Money Writing

To stay motivated as a writer, I set achievable monthly goals for myself.  This month, I decided to research ways to make money as a writer.

Two web articles which I found helpful were “How to Make Money Writing” ( and “10 Ways To Make Money Writing Online” (

“How to Make Money Writing” suggests five “methods” for making money as a writer.  For each method, the article includes three to four tips about what to keep in mind and/or how to maximize the writer’s success when writing for the target audience.

“10 Ways To Make Money Writing Online” lists ten online web services where a writer could go to potentially find paying writing jobs.  There is a paragraph length description about each service and links to the corresponding web pages.

Now that I have read the articles, I plan to explore the options listed which most appeal to me.  I hope that the articles are helpful to you!

Happy writing!