April is National Poetry Month

Hello everyone!

This April, I was made aware of how wonderfully complex and exciting poetry can be.  In my children’s literature grad course, a guest speaker introduced me to Marilyn Singer’s books of reverso poetry (Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse; Follow Follow: A Book of Reverso Poems; and Echo Echo: Reverso Poems about Greek Myths) and poetry for two or four voices (e.g. Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices and Big Talk: Poems for Four Voices by Paul Fleischman).  These styles of poetry made me so excited, that I wanted to try and write my own poems.

Your writing challenge for the next two weeks is to 1) choose a style of poetry that you are not very familiar with and 2) try to write a poem in that style.  I highly suggest reading poems that are written in your chosen style before writing your own poem.

For a list of different types of poetry and a definition for each type, click on the link: http://poeticterminology.net/.

Happy writing!