Writing Prompt for February 20th: Theme Writing

Hello everyone!

I recently wrote a short story to submit to an anthology where all of the submissions had to fit into the theme “bittersweet.”  The guidelines concerning the theme were, “[y]ou can be literal, evocative, comical, or crazy.”  Writing a story with only an abstract concept to get the creative juices flowing was an exciting challenge.

Your prompt for the next two weeks is: deafening silence.

Following the same guidelines I had (“[y]ou can be literal, evocative, comical, or crazy”), write a short story that fits into the theme “deafening silence.”

Also, please be sure to answer the following questions in the comments below:

1. What was the hardest part of using this prompt?

2. What was your favorite part of this writing challenge?

Happy writing!



One thought on “Writing Prompt for February 20th: Theme Writing”

  1. 1. The hardest part for me when I wrote my bittersweet short story was coming up with the sweet part of the idea. It was easy for me to come up with sad scenarios, but it took a while to find an idea that combined joy and sadness without letting one emotion massively overpower the other.

    2. My favorite part of writing the short story was finishing it and realizing that I finally understood how to write a good short story! (Last year I took a class on how to write short stories. Before the class, I was always trying to fit a novel’s plot into a short story’s word count. While my previous short stories felt rushed, my bittersweet short story comfortably contains its plot. I neither inundated my story with information nor left out vital details. Yes, I did a happy dance to celebrate. No, I will not post a video of it online.)


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